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  • 01. How do I become a member of Sentral Cargo?

    You can contact our Marketing team via [email protected] or call 021 - 6303456

  • 02. When tracking, what is the meaning of the following terms ?

    Bad Address : The address is unclear, or there seems to be a mistake when putting in the address, Street Number/House/RT/RW, Zip code, etc.

    On – Process : The package is in the process of delivery, which may take a while to update.

    CODA : The Package has arrived at the destination, but the address is either wrong or empty. Please proceed to contact an office representative if such status appears.

    Criss Cross : The package was switched unintentionally with another package.

  • 03. What kind of packages can Sentral Cargo deliver ?

    We can deliver almost all kinds of packages, documents, and heavy cargo. However, we cannot deliver :

    • Dangerous and prohibited goods such as animals, gold, silver, money, narcotics.
    • Flammable goods : explosives, guns, ammunition, fireworks, precious metal jewelry and stones, alcohol.
    • Food and Beverages that Indonesia’s Department of Health does not validate 
    • Other illegal goods. 

    For more information, please refer to our Terms and Services.

  • 04. Which cities/regions are accessible by Sentral Cargo ?

    Sentral Cargo’s services are available in big cities across Indonesia. We are continuously expanding to reach smaller cities across all islands. For more information, please get in touch with our Call Center : 021 - 6303456.

  • 05. Where are Sentral Cargo's service areas located?

    Sentral Cargo currently has 137 service areas spread throughout Indonesia, and we are still continuously growing. For more detailed information, please check our location list.

  • 06. How much time is needed to deliver goods ?

    Our delivery services take around one day for big cities (2 days for East Region) and 2-3 days for smaller cities.

    The above conditions apply to normal conditions not during peak season.

  • 07. How do I check delivery status ?

    You can check delivery status by inputting tracking details in Check Receipt.

  • 08. I want to send several packages at once, can Sentral Cargo pick them up from my store/home?

    Yes, we can! We offer pick up services for all our customers. However, if the total weight of packages is over 20kg/day, please contact our CS to arrange pickup.

  • 09. How much is Sentral Cargo’s shipping rates ?

    Please check the estimated cost for your delivery by entering your origin and destination city on our Shipping Cost page.

  • 10. If a package goes missing or did not reach the final destination, how do I make a claim ?

    Please contact our CS at 021-6303456

  • 11. How much compensation will I get for loss or damage to the goods ?

    Sentral Cargo has 2 price categories for electronics and non electronics. The replacement for air shipments includes a maximum of IDR 1,000,000/unit for electronics and a maximum of IDR 400,000/kg for no electronic. For land shipments, there is a maximum of IDR 1,000,000/kg for electronics and a maximum of IDR 200,000/kg for no elektronic. If the packages were insured (0.25% rate), the replacement value will match according to the insured value.

  • 12. Is there a time limit to make a claim if I find that items in my package are missing I receive my package ?

    The deadline to make claims is 1x24 hours after you receive your packages. If packages are damaged at the time of delivery, you may check with the delivery officer on the spot.

  • 13. Bagaimana cara perhitungan barang volume ?
    Barang volume adalah barang besar namun ringan,
    Perhitungan volume

    Volume = P x L x T : 6.000
    Volume = P x L x T : 4.000
  • 14. Bagaimana cara perhitungan barang surcharge ?
    Barang surcharge menurut ketentuan maskapai penerbangan adalah > 50 kg.
    Perhitungan surcharge barang adalah berat asli atau berat volume mana yang terbesar dan dikalikan 100%