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Now the Sentral Cargo Expedition Service in Semarang Increases Again in Early 2022

Now the Sentral Cargo Expedition Service in Semarang Increases Again in Early 2022

Expedition and Cargo Services in Semarang - Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province, Indonesia. This city is also the fifth largest metropolitan city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung. Like other big cities, the city of Semarang recognizes a city area division system consisting of: Central Semarang or Central Semarang, East Semarang, South Semarang, West Semarang, and North Semarang. The division of the city area started from the division of the sub-resident area by the Dutch East Indies Government which was at the level of the sub-district. However, at this time, the division of the city area is different from the administrative division of the sub-district area. Although this city division is rarely used in the Semarang City Government.

Apart from being the administrative center of Central Java Province and Semarang Municipality, Semarang City is also a center of trade and business which is included in the National Strategic Area (KSN). Its role as a center of trade and business, where the economic contribution of Semarang City is quite large to the national economy. From year to year, the economic growth in Semarang City is quite high. This economic growth is marked by an increase in the number of in-migration, a decrease in unemployment, and an increase in infrastructure development in the city of Semarang. Although economic growth in Semarang City is still less competitive with economic growth in Jakarta and Surabaya, a conducive business climate allows gradual and sustainable growth.

Opening of New Service Office of Sentral Cargo Expedition Service Semarang

Semarang, 04 February 2022 – Sentral Cargo officially opened a new service office located at Jl.Ki Mangunsarkoro 1A RT01 RW01, Semarang 50136.

"With the opening of these outlets, we hope to make it easier for business people to use the Sentral Cargo expedition service in the Semarang area. Not only that, we also always try our best to provide our best service to all our customers," said one of the Sentral Cargo Management.

As of that date, Sentral Cargo Central Semarang has officially operated in delivering goods and receiving goods from all over Indonesia. 

For more information contact:

Sentral Cargo Semarang Tengah
Jl.Ki Mangunsarkoro 1A RT01 RW01
Semarang Tengah 50136
Niken - 085799152647
Anius - 081286222270
Work Hours : 09:00 - 17:00

Sentral Cargo Pusat Roxy Mas
Komplek Ruko ITC Roxy Mas Blok C3 No. 33
Jl. K.H. Hasyim Ashari , Jakarta Pusat 10150
Customer Services
Telp. 0216303456
WhatsApp 082288883970
Email : [email protected]
Work Hours : 09:00 - 23:30


Semarang Cargo Postage Rates throughout Indonesia

In facilitating businesses and other manufacturers, Sentral Cargo always offers very relevant prices. The following is a list of shipping prices from Semarang to all over Indonesia:


Price per

Per kg


Semarang Banjarmasin



6-9 Days

Semarang Pontianak



9-11 Days

Semarang Jakarta



2-3 Days

Semarang Tenggarong



11-14 Days

Semarang Surabaya



2-3 Days

Semarang Bontang



12-14 Days

Semarang Ketapang



5-6 Days

Semarang Bandung



2-3 Days

Semarang Denpasar, Bali



3-4 Days

Semarang Malang



2-3 Days

*The postage above is subject to change at any time, for further details, you can directly check at the destination city or sub-district on the Sentral Cargo website.

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Sentral Cargo Always Provide the Best Service

Sentral Cargo is an expedition service company based in DKI Jakarta with our service offices spread throughout Indonesia. The following are the advantages that we provide to all loyal Sentral Cargo customers:

  • Free Pick Up Service

We will pick up your goods with a minimum weight of 10 kilograms and make it easier for your goods to arrive at their destination quickly. Goods Pickup We use a flexible method of customer pick-up time. We remind our customers that our service is only a service for sending your goods, not packing your goods. So make sure your goods are packed neatly and safely.

  • Delivery of Goods with Wide

Goods delivery courier services support online and offline businesses for MSME entrepreneurs, online shops, and large companies. You don't have to worry about the destination of your shipment because in every province, Sentral Cargo service offices are spread out in both big cities and small cities.

  • Computerized Delivery System

We provide delivery services with computerized system methods and technology update facilities. Every package or item that will be sent beforehand is always weighed and given a barcode on the shipment so that it is entered in our system. All of our work is done through a system to make it easier for customers to track goods.

  • Tracking Goods or Tracking Receipts

This service is one of our most superior services because it uses a computerized system and sophisticated technology as well as updates to developing technology. Customers will find it easy to monitor shipments of goods in real time wherever you are.

  • Professional Team & Customer Service

Sentral Cargo has a team of more than 800 human resources who are ready to serve shipments of goods from the time they come to our place by bringing the goods to their destination, because we have a trained team and we have high responsibility customer service

  • Safe and Fast

This is one of our priorities as a freight forwarder, namely the security of goods and also the speed in delivering goods or packages to reach the recipient's hands.

  • Door To Door Service

Our service method as a freight forwarder is to serve every delivery of goods or receipt of goods, always pick up on the spot and deliver the goods according to the intended address.

  • Delivery Insurance

Delivery of goods that you think has a fairly large value of goods, We provide insurance services on goods. So that having double security on the goods is also more secure and safe from risk if something happens then our party is ready to replace if there is a loss of goods. The safety of consignments due to imperfect packing of goods as well as the use of damaged boxes often occurs, causing losses and it is necessary to pay attention to the sender of the goods.

  • Cheap Shipping Cost

The Sentral Cargo freight forwarding service has prices or shipping costs that are relatively affordable for people to send goods to the territory of Indonesia. Check the shipping rates for the intended delivery destination.


Tanya Jawab (FAQ) Jasa Ekspedisi Sentral Cargo Semarang

Apa saja sih barang yang bisa dikirimkan oleh Sentral Cargo?

  • Sentral Cargo sends almost all types of goods such as packages, documents and cargo in large quantities. Shipping restrictions:

  • Dangerous goods and prohibited items such as animals, gold, silver, money, jewelry and precious metals, narcotics

  • Combustible goods: explosives, firearms and ammunition, firecrackers or fireworks, alcohol

  • Food and beverages that are not authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia

  • Other illegal items.

You can check other terms at Terms and Condition.

How long is the shipping process?

Our delivery service takes about 2-3 days. You can check the estimates in the Cek Shipping Cost.

Can i check the location of my order?

Of course. You can check the status of the shipment of goods by entering the receipt number on the goods track service at Check Shipping Cost.

Where is the new address of Sentral Cargo Semarang?

Jl.Ki Mangunsarkoro 1A RT01 RW01, Semarang 50136.